4 Ways Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits the Environment

By AWD Digital

Whilst it’s great to earn a little bit of extra cash by exchanging your scrap metal for cash, recycling metal plays an important role in preserving environmental resources and minimising the carbon footprint of the manufacturing industry. This week, we take a look at four key ways metal recycling benefits the environment.

Metal cans recycled

Energy conservation

Metal recycling conserves energy that would be otherwise be wasted on mining, refining and manufacturing oil. The exact amount of energy conserved by recycling metal varies depending on the type but for example, recycling just a single aluminium can saves enough energy to continuously run a 100-watt light bulb for around 20 hours, or a computer for three hours.

Ore conservation

Our reliance on oil is problematic because it is a limited resource and recycling metal helps preserve this already heavily mined resource. For example, sending your old car to a scrap metal recycler instead of to landfill saves an impressive 1134kg of iron ore.

Greenhouse gas reduction

The production of new metal releases an enormous amount of greenhouse gases which contribute to both climate change and air pollution. If the world could switch over wholly to recycling metal instead of extracting it from ore, it would cut greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 300 million and 500 million tons. Metal recycling also generates 97% less mining waste and uses 40% less water than virgin metal production.

Prevents littering

Scrap metal dumping is a serious environmental hazard. When large whitegoods such as fridges, appliances such as air conditioners, and vehicles are dumped on the side of the road, they not only create an eyesore but are likely to release pollutants into the soil and water table as they degrade. Oil, diesel, paint, petrol, coolants, transmission and brake fluids, mercury and hydroflurocarbons are just some of the pollutants that pose a threat to the local environment and human health.

Bonus round: creates more jobs

The metal recycling industry both creates job opportunities and generates income, ultimately strengthening the Australian economy. It is estimated that metal recycling creates 36 times more jobs than incinerating scrap metal, and six times more than sending metal to landfill.

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