4 Reasons You Should Be Using Metal Recycling Services

By Hayley Tan

If you look at recycling bins placed along the streets of Melbourne, often, they are catered to recycling common items such as paper, cardboard, and plastic bottles. This often results in many not being aware that metal recycling is something that can be done too. In fact, recycling metal can sometimes have greater benefits than other recyclable items as a single piece of metal can be recycled over and over without altering its properties! 

There is a wide range of reasons why you should consider recycling your metals as opposed to dumping them in a bin; here are our top four reasons for you to consider using a metal recycling service in Melbourne

1.     Recycling metal helps the environment  

Metal production involves the harmful removal of natural resources, land degradation, wildlife destruction and extensive energy and water use. Not only that, the transportation of metal products after being produced, require a large amount of energy and fuel. With all these effects combined, environmental and health issues such as air and water pollution, acid rain, fatal illnesses, global warming, and wildlife extinction become more prevalent. 

As such, one of the main reasons you should recycle metal is because by doing so you are helping in protecting the environment and eliminating all the negative effects of metal production and transportation. Recycling metal replaces the need to produce virgin metals and thus, eliminates the need for extraction of raw metal compounds. It also takes far less energy to process recycled metal than it does to mine ore, purify it and then shape it. The best part is metals are amongst the few materials in the world that can be easily recycled without damaging their original properties. This means if enough metal was recycled and demand remained constant, there would be almost zero reasons to create new metals!

Metal recycling

2.     There is an economic benefit (you earn some cash!)

Recycling metals offers financial incentives and there is no shame in benefitting from these. When you use recycling facilities to recycle your metals, you get paid for the items you bring in depending on their metal type, total weight and general condition. On top of the cash you get upfront, there are also economic benefits in the long run. If the majority of people recycled their metals regularly, the cost of producing metals will likely decrease. This could result in a reduction of cost for any items made with metals such as canned foods and drinks.

3. You can offset your carbon emissions

The steady increase in carbon emissions being released each year is one of the main factors contributing to global warming. To combat this, many individuals and businesses have opted to reduce their carbon footprint either by offsetting it or by leading zero-waste lifestyles and aiming for zero-to-landfill targets. Recycling metals can help in reducing overall carbon emissions as it reduces the need for disposal processes and landfill waste management. 

Besides reducing your carbon emissions, reducing the number of metal products dumped in landfills can prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into the soil. Metals that go to landfills are often not recycled properly and this can lead to metals breaking down and releasing chemicals that destroy the soil’s integrity, contaminate groundwater, and inhibit new plant life. 

4. Recycling metal is much easier than you think

Recycling metal does not have to be a difficult process to incorporate. In fact, metal recycling facilities in Melbourne such as Metal Men Recycling, make it easy and convenient with easy and convenient pickups no matter where you are.

Containers can also be left in your residential or commercial area for you to easily collect your scrap metals of any shape or size for recycling. Once you’ve collected enough, metal recycling companies will gladly stop by to collect the items and give you cash on the spot!

Scrap metal collected for recycling

Metal recycling in Melbourne is common practice. It is an amazing way to help the planet while you earn some cash. 

Metal Men Recycling is a premium scrap metal recycling company that will buy your scrap metal and recycle it in the proper manner. We offer a 24-hour pick-up service and can accommodate all your metal recycling needs in Melbourne – whether it be a residence or a business. We buy all forms of scrap metal and will pay you via EFTPOS or cheque. 

If you’re looking at doing some metal recycling in Melbourne, then please reach out to us on 03 5941 6677 or fill out the contact form.

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