4 Artists Who Work with Scrap Metal

By AWD Digital

Abundant, varied, and almost always free, there are a lot of characteristics of scrap metal which lend it credence as an artistic medium. Although artists have long used ‘found objects’ in their work, scrap metal sculpting is a relatively new and niche concept. This week, we take a look at four artists who are doing some incredible things with discarded metal scrap.


John Lopez

South Dakota based John Lopez is a former bronze sculptor who uses discarded farm equipment to create sculptures which recall the romance of the wild west. His subjects include bison, Texan longhorn cattle, cowboys and of course horses.  Lopez says his favourite thing about working with scrap metal is the different textures the medium offers up, and the uniqueness of the final product.


Scrap Metal Art Thailand

This Thailand based company has made a name for itself producing life sized movie characters such as Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Predator and Alien as well as large scale animal sculptures including T-Rex, crocodiles, dragons, gorillas, fish, and giraffes. Scale is what this company specialises in, with some of their sculptures measuring up to 15 metres high.

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John V. Wilhelm

By using a combination of traditional blacksmithing techniques and welding, Arizona based Wilhelm produces elegant outdoor sculptures which combine found objects such as discarded automotive and industrial parts railroad spikes with stone to create a raw, organic aesthetic. Wilhelm has been working with scrap metal since the 1970s and works in a range of other mediums including acrylic, ink, scratchboard etchings, and pencil.


Sue Beatrice

At the other end of the scale is artist Sue Beatrice, who creates miniature sculptures entirely out of broken watch parts. Often no more than a few centimetres in length, Beatrice creates dragons which can curl around your little finger and scenes which fit inside the face of an old pocket watch. Many of her designs are so intricate and delicate that they are worn as jewellery.

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