3 Reasons To Love Copper

By AWD Digital

Copper, with its unique colouring, is one of the most visually appealing metals found on our planet. Found as element number 29 on the periodic table, copper is present as both a chemical compound and in its pure form. Considering that the average home contains 400 pounds of copper, it’s pretty likely that you’re surrounded by copper as you read this! It’s an invaluable metal to recycle, so in this article we’ll be getting to know copper a little better.


Unique properties

As element number 29 in the periodic table, copper is a mineral that is essential to our everyday lives. With high malleability and ductility, copper is highly resistant to corrosion and adept when it comes to thermal and electric conductivity. For these reasons, copper is used in electric wiring, plumbing, electronics, transportation and building construction.

Natural antibacterial agent

Because of the antibacterial properties in copper, it can be used to control algae. It can also be used in our daily lives for this purpose. It’s pretty common to use brass for door knobs- copper is a metal that easily alloys with other minerals, and brass is a result of this. Copper is also toxic to invertebrates, so it’s often used on ship hulls to prevent mussels and barnacles from attaching to the ship.

100% Recyclable

Did you know that 80% of copper that has ever been mined is still in use today? As a metal that is 100% recyclable, copper is incredibly useful to humans and has endless uses. It’s also abundant in the Earth’s crust, at a high concentration of 50 parts per million. For this reason, copper is the third most used metal in industrial construction, behind iron and aluminium.

For a final fun fact- if your hair has ever turned green after swimming, that’s actually because copper is present in the water, not chlorine. While this certainly can be frustrating, copper is one of the most valuable metals found on Earth.

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