3 New Year’s Resolutions For A Sustainable 2018

By AWD Digital

This year, January 1st fell on a Monday- which is pretty perfect for anyone wanting a new start. With the new year comes renewed optimism about the future, and our place in it. That’s why it’s a tradition to set new goals for ourselves at this time. There are those that don’t believe in creating new year’s resolutions, but for those who do, we’ve decided to compile a list of three ways to be more sustainable in 2018.


Cut down on waste

One of the main reasons our rubbish containers struggle over time is the sheer amount of waste that we produce each year. To cut back, reduce your food waste through composting or food donation programs; divert liquids to a treatment system; and replace plastics with reusable glass. It may also be a good idea to cut down on using plastic bags for shopping- when there are so many reusable fabric bag options, why would anyone use plastic?

Give back to your community

Consider donating excess food to a local food bank if there’s one near you. So much food goes to waste each year, while many families suffer simply because living costs continue to skyrocket. You can also consider donating unwanted clothing or hygiene items to charities- they always need more of anything you’re able to give. Being sustainable is about protecting our environment, and that includes our fellow humans.

Reduce your environmental impact

The true reason behind the other four resolutions listed in this article boils down to this: the goal of any recycling effort is to reduce the economic, ecological and environmental impacts of our presence on Earth. So step up, and resolve to continue to reduce your carbon footprint, while embracing the beautiful world that we have.

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