3 Fun Repurposing Activities (Teach your Children)

By Ali Godden

Teaching your children the importance of recycling is incredibly important as they are the future generation. But recycling doesn’t just stop at putting the correct items in the appropriate bins – or bringing down scrap metal to our recycling plant – it can also include home recycling and repurposing to give items a second lease on life. As a Melbourne-based metal recycling company – we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for all and there is no better time to do it than now when we are all at home. By the end of these three fun activities, your children will have learnt how to repurpose items instead of throwing them out!

1. Tic tac go

This DIY tic tac go set is the perfect entertainment for your trip to the park and beyond and is incredibly easy to make. For this activity you will need:

  • 10 bottle caps; 
  • A permanent marker;
  • One small sack; and 
  • A ruler. 

First, take your permanent marker and put a big X on five of the bottle tops, then on the other five put a big O. Next, take your ruler and use it to make straight lines on the sack. Make it so there is a total of nine boxes on the sack, creating a grid. Now toss all ten bottle tops into the sack and let the fun begin.

2. Birdfeeder

This birdfeeder costs next to nothing and is something our Melbourne-based metal recycling experts think would look brilliant hanging in the front or backyard. The best part is, to gather the materials all you need to do is dig through your recycling bin! What you’ll need is: 

  • A clean plastic peanut butter jar with a lid; 
  • A lid from a large yogurt container; 
  • A utility knife (be sure to supervise your children and not leave them alone with this);
  • Two bolts/nuts;
  • String;
  • A pair of scissors;
  • Bird seeds;
  • Glue; and
  • Two sticks.

Use your knife to puncture a hole in the middle of the peanut butter jar and the two lids (the holes only need to be big enough to fit the string). Next, sketch out four holes the size of a dollar coin around the jar – this is how the birds will be able to get to the seeds. Place the yogurt lid under the peanut butter jar, double the string and feed it through the yogurt lid, peanut butter jar and peanut butter jar lid.

Tie the bottom end of the doubled string onto the nut below the yogurt lid. Now glue your sticks on the underside of your yogurt lid in a cross pattern (this is for the birds to perch on). Finally, open your lid, empty in the bird seeds and hang the string from a hook and wait for your new feathered friends to stop by for a snack!

3. Hanging planter

Two-litre bottles become beautiful hanging plants in this DIY craft! This is a simple, easy, cheap, and effective craft that the kids will love! All you need for this is: 

  • A two-litre bottle; 
  • Some string; and 
  • A craft knife. 

Cut out a rectangle in the middle of the bottle and poke one hole at each end. Feed one end of the string through one side and the other end of the string through the other side of the bottle. Knot the string at both sides and cut off any excess. Then, fill your bottle with soil and plant your seeds. Use your string to hang it up and watch your flowers grow! You can hang it in your room or outside, it is mess-free and looks stunning!


Did you know that world time periods are often named after the metal used?

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