3 Effortless Ways to Be More Environmentally Friendly

By AWD Digital

The conversation about global warming is becoming more and more prominent with the latest scientific research suggesting that it will be next to impossible to prevent a 1.5C temperature rise. Although much of the pollution in the world comes from heavy industry, efforts on the micro (individual) level are important to promote environmental consciousness and send a message to big polluters that we want change. This aside, for many people, the question of where to begin going greener can be a daunting one so this week, we put together three effortless ways you can make your lifestyle greener.

Set up recycling systems

One of the easiest things to do is to set up recycling systems in your home. Almost all Australians receive a regular recycling collection service, but bottles and newspapers aside, there is still a lot of recyclable things that end up in landfill. Begin by setting up a compost system at home. This is cheap, simple, takes up very little space, and will radically reduce the amount of waste you throw in the garbage bins.

Scrapping is of course another way to reduce the amount of household refuse that ends up in landfill. Every year, thousands of fridges, air conditioning units, washing machines, and other household whitegoods are thrown into landfill and this is ridiculous, as all of these things can be recycled for a profit. Start a can collection and cash it in at a scrap yard at the end of each month and if you do have a large metal item to throw away, call Metal Men, we offer scrap metal collection throughout Melbourne.

Get serious about flicking switches

This is really a no brainer but one we often forget about in our electronic filled lives. While most people are pretty good at turning off light switches before they leave a room, power points and ‘vampire’ electronics that draw energy whilst in standby mode can make up as much as 10% of your energy bill. So next time you finish using an appliance or electronic, turn it off at the power point to reduce the amount of fossil fuels you consume.

Read the label in the supermarket

Next time you’re in the supermarket, scan the labels of the products you put in your shopping trolley for palm oil. Hundreds of common supermarket items contain this ingredient, which is farmed in an unsustainable way and is responsible for widespread deforestation in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. If possible, vote with your wallet and make the switch to a product that is palm oil free.


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