10 Things To Do With Scrap Metal Around The Home

By AWD Digital

Scrap metal is a valuable resource, and many of us may not realise how much we have lying around in the home. In this article, we’ll be going through 10 things you can do with your scrap metal today.

  1. Make a tin can telephone by removing the lids from two coffee tins and tying a long piece of string between the two to create the desired effect. Then, sit back and let the kids enjoy!
  2. Using an old steel can, place any steel bottle tops or jam jar lids inside for a fuss-free storage solution for your metal in the home. When the can is full, you can toss it into your recycling bin all together.
  3. Place jam jar lids under the legs of your couch or bed to prevent your furniture from scratching the floor.
  4. Create a piece of art by bringing together different recycled elements. This can become a fun, rainy day activity for the kids that promotes creativity and sustainability- what more could you want?
  5. Turn aluminium cans into mini plant pots, and create a herb garden in your very own kitchen. After washing the cans, place soil into each container and add water to make the environment moist. Following this, add herb cuttings or seedlings into each container, and allow them as much natural light as possible.
  6. Donate pots and pans to charity and opportunity stores where possible, rather than throwing them out. This means there’ll be a higher chance these household items go to a good home, rather than wasting away in landfill.
  7. Make a windchime with old silverware; begin by drilling holes through each of the handles of the silverware, and then attach them to a central fork or spoon with string, wire, or any material of your choice.
  8. Spray paint old metal frames with a new colour of choice, for an updated way to display memories with your loved ones. Make sure to do this outside, as the fumes can be quite toxic!
  9. Create two bookends using scrap metal found around the home; with some basic welding material, you can turn your scrap metal into functional pieces of art for your bookshelf.
  10. Exchange your scrap metal for cash; Metal Men Recycling offer a 24-hour pickup service for scrap metal, and will give you cash in return.

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